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Welcome to Our Home Page. We hope that you enjoy looking at all our pictures and reading all our stories. Our names are Lola & Ruby, we are real sisters, our daddy's name is Rocky and our mommy's name is Cleo. They don't live too far away so sometimes we go stay there when mommy goes away or sometimes we just go for a visit. We have the best life and are definitely the most spoilt Yorkie's in the world. We have just added information and pictures of little Madison. She is our Granny's baby.


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Born: 28 March 2005

1st Day at Home: 17 May 2005

Born: 27 February 2003

1st Day at Home: 5 May 2006

Born: 27 November 2006

1st Day at Home: 19 Jan 2007


Hello, my name is Lola, this photo was taken on my first day at home. I was not impressed by the jacket I had to wear, but its ok because I am the most spoilt yorkie in the world and my mommy loves me so so much!!! I am way too big to be a yorkie but I am still the cutest baby and I am my Granny's favorite (well at least I was until Madi came along :-() Now I have to share my Gannie, but its ok I quite like Madi, she plays with me.

Hello, my name is Ruby, I am 2 years older than Lola but I only went to live with Lola when I was 3, this is a photo from when I was a baby. Lola and i don't get on too well but its ok because even though we fight for mommy's attention, mommy loves us the same. I love my new mommy so much, I follow her around everywhere and cry when she's not here. Lola is very ugly to me, she attacked me so bad, I had to have an operation.

Hello, my name is Madison, or Madi for short. I am the new edition to the family. Monique bought me for her mom (my mommy too), she figured she would miss Lola & Ruby too much after the wedding and needed a baby of her own. I am so glad I came to this home. It is the Best Home Ever!! I am so tiny, but I am so so naughty-I like to keep my mommy awake all night and sleep all day. My mommy spoils me to much!

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A Poem We Wrote For Mommy Before The Wedding:

At first we smelled him on your clothes... A strangers scent upon our nose’s.
One day you came in very late and then announced you had a date.

How sad for us our lives were doomed, no more walks or being groomed!
And then a knock upon the door, our lives would change forever more.

And just as all our senses ceased, we heard the jingle of a leash!
Those worried days are in our past, with doggie years time goes very fast.

And now you say that you will wed. We’ve just one question 'bout the bed.
We understand he's yours to keep, but where, oh where now, will he sleep?

Love, Lola & Ruby


*It's been 2 months since the wedding and we are settling into our new home just fine. Daddy didn't want us the bed initially so mommy bought us new beds for the floor. I (Ruby), cried and cried and now I am back on the bed :-), and so is Lola. We are not dog's, we cannot be expected to sleep on the floor. We still not allowed on the new couch we think is silly cos what are couches for? But its ok, we have really nice baskets in the lounge.

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