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(Above & Below) - Christmas 2006. Ruby's 1st Christmas with us, Father Christmas brought her and Lola a reindeer, I just love my reindeer, its my absolute favorite toy (Ruby Roo). As for me (Lola) well I just think Christmas is overated, way too many people for my liking.


This is me (Madi) on my 1st day at my new house. Hopefully I will grow into my ears soon.


Me with my new mommy and Lola, Lola is so big compared to me.

One of toys, I love my toys

Lola & I having a nap. Ruby doesn't like me so much. Wonder why? I am so cute!!

(Above & Below) - Little Madi Poo playing. The white dog is Charlie, he is Danelle's dog and he lives with us. I love to terrorise him.


I am so tired, I love to sleep, but only when everyone else is awake. When everyone else wants to sleep I keep them awake because that's play time. How sweet do I sleep? I know I'm so adorable, way too adorable for anyone to be cross with me for longer than 1 minute.

(Above & Below) - Lola & Ruby's B-day's. We celebrated them together as they are close together. Lola turned 2 and Ruby turned 4. Wow we are getting so big. We couldn't have cake because last year Lola got sick from her b-day cake, so mommy just gave us extra chicken with our dinner and some nibbles afterwards.

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