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I had only been living at my new mommy for a few weeks, so they decided to take me with to CT so I would not think I was being left again. Lola stayed with Granny, but as for me I just wanted to be with my mommy. The airplane was so scary but I was very drowsy cos mommy gave me calming tablets. Lola is so scared of even little noises so luckily she didn't come with. It was all worth it though I had the best holiday and it was so nice to be an "only" baby, without Lola fighting with me all the time.


In our hotel room, me on the pillow

First day mommy took me to the beach

At breakfast, waiting for my eggs


Love my daddy

Having so much fun..


They left me at the hotel this afternoon, mommy came back and was more excited about her new engagement ring then to see me! I am not impressed!



My last day, went to the beach and had so much fun


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