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George and I went to the same high school, but he was 3 years ahead of me and we never knew each other. We met through mutual friends, about a year after I had finished school, it was in middle of 2000. We started seeing each other on 5 October 2000. Neither of us was sure of what was going to happen as I was leaving for Cape Town in a few months. However we continued our relationship and got closer and closer each day and by the time I left for Cape Town, we decided that we would continue our relationship long distance and see what happens.


I lived in Cape Town for 4 years and George would come visit me at least once a month. It was very hard, but it made us strong and taught us to appreciate each other, every moment we had together was so special and we didn't take anything for granted. When I came back to JHB to live it was another big adjustment and it took some getting used to but we made it and were happier than ever.


George proposed on 18 June 2006, after nearly 6 years together, and on that day he made me the happiest girl on earth.. I cannot wait to marry him, he is the most honest, kind, caring, gorgeous most generous person I have ever met and I thank God everyday that I have been blessed with such a wonderful man!